About Diggin Riggin in Madison, ME

“It doesn’t matter what trade it is, not everyone does the same job. There is no substitution for experience.”

- Pat Daigle

Diggin Riggin has Been the Earthwork Leader in Maine Since 1991

Diggin Riggin has been the leader in excavating, site work, and heavy equipment operation in Madison, ME, and the rest of Somerset County for many years. Owner Pat Daigle started the business in 1991, and Diggin Riggin has met the needs of homeowners and business owners ever since. We use the experience that we have gained from many projects, as well as the talent, equipment, and hard-working attitude, to get the job done.

When you are ready to draw on the qualities that put us ahead of the competition in Maine, give us a call at (207) 696-0966.

"Pat Daigle is an artist with an excavator! Hope to have him around to work around the farm for many years to come."

- Harry B. from Facebook

"A master of his trade. I can’t recommend this service enough."

- Mathias from Google

Owner Pat Daigle Always Aims to Improve the Business and Equipment

Diggin Riggin owner Pat Daigle is always looking to make the business better and improve the equipment that he uses. Pat is a self-proclaimed equipment nut. He has been building equipment and making improvements and attachments to the equipment since he was in grade school. He has been called an “artist” and a “master of his trade.” Pat works hard at his trade.

You can count on that. When he is not operating an excavator or a bulldozer, he might be taking photos with a drone of one of Diggin Riggin’s projects to show the progress of the job.

Trust in Diggin Riggin’s Versatility

We believe that versatility is the key to efficiency, and we do more with less than anyone in the trade. We want you to get more bang for your buck, and will go out of our way to make that happen. Our professionals can go from excavating to dowsing for water to bulldozing the land.

When you want that versatility to work for you on your project, you should contact us right away.

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